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The idea behind Mama’s Koelkast

The idea of Mama’s Koelkast began in 2012 when I found my mum’s last leftovers of Moroccan pea soup and harira. My mum was gone by that point. She had died a few months earlier, and the leftovers were still there. I couldn’t bring myself to eat them or just keep them lying around forever. What could I do? I didn’t want to lose the memory of her food.

My mum’s food was so delicious because she had prepared it herself. Because it was filled to the brim with love and passion. And that is the exact thing that’s so difficult to find in a supermarket, corporate canteen or takeaway restaurant. But thankfully, there are thousands of women who cook the same way my mum did. So I decided to search for them. To cook together, tell stories and have the Netherlands get in contact with the most delicious family recipes from all over the world!

Proud of what we have achieved

If I look back on the past nine years, I become so proud of everything we have achieved, going from 1 cooking Mama to more than 50 Mamas with so much passion for cooking. And to think of everywhere we’ve gone to and everything we’ve seen, tasted, and experienced. I speak with inspired Mamas and customers daily, and we go to the most advanced companies and people in the Netherlands. Our Mamas are able to surprise me and our guests with their kindness and delicious authentic food every day. I look forward to a beautiful day at work, incredible encounters and conversations with our customers every day.


Cooking mamas


20 different cuisines


happy and satisfied eaters


trained Mamas

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