Our Mamas

Mama Luba

Mama Luba is from Latvia and has taught us much more about East Europe’s cuisine. She knows what to do with down-to-earth ingredients to get fresh tastes. Before she decided to follow her passion for cooking, she was a guide in our beautiful city. Now, she combines this job with cooking traditional Latvian meals and snacks. She has also added culinary tours to her list of offers, so she’s a real entrepreneur!

She’s liked in the kitchen of Mama’s Koelkast for her calm and very professional demeanour, and her dishes always introduce a new taste. Mama Luba cooks, for example, syrniki, a small light pancake using cottage cheese. Also, the classic borscht and the East-European version of a cheesecake are dishes mama Luba puts on the table often. Get inspired with fresh new tastes with Mama Luba’s cooking!

Mama Luba’s specialties

  • East-European cuisine
  • Authentic soups like borscht
  • Pasties, pancakes and cakes from Latvia
  • Fermented drinks

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